Sam and Partners LLC is An Equal Opportunity Employer Encouraging Diversity & Inclusion

We at Sam and Partners believe that diversity is a core facet of any successful organization. US businesses are required to follow the guidelines in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which makes it illegal to discriminate against applicants based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. But we take things a step further than the minimum required by law. We believe that the differences among people make the workplace strong. Sam and Partners strive to make our environment one that values inclusiveness at every turn. This inclusiveness helps ensure that our employees and clients are respected for the differences that make them unique.

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that display a diverse workforce are 45 percent more likely to have increased market share and 70 percent more likely to have captured a new market than those that did not. We not only aim for diversity and inclusiveness on our team, but we seek to build such qualities within the organizations and the communities we serve. How? We employ a strategic approach. By placing diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our business objectives, we deliver high quality business solutions for all of our clients. By prioritizing diversity, we increase profitability, strengthen brand images, boost employee morale and engagement, and tap into the skilled workforce of the future.

At Sam and Partners LLC Recruiting and Staffing Agency, we strive to bring great people and great organizations together for the long haul. We believe that people and companies depend on each other not just for survival, but for long-lasting fulfillment and growth.

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